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D-SERIES CANOLA HYBRIDS: What great yields are made of.

Built on DuPont Pioneer genetics, backed by DuPont service. D-Series hybrids deliver high yield potential and outstanding agronomic performance. For 2018, dependable canola performance starts with the letter D.

See for yourself why D-Series canola hybrids have emerged as a favourite across Western Canada. 


Protect your seed against yield robbers! 
D3156M is the first D-Series hybrid with the Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax trait. D3156M provides you flexibility at harvest. Swath or straight cut - you decide.
D3155C features the built-in Pioneer Protector® Clubroot resistance trait.
D3154S offers the Pioneer Protector® Sclerotinia resistance trait. 

DuPont™ Lumiderm™ – help get your canola crop off to a better start by adding DuPont™ Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment to get control of early season cutworms and enhanced protection of both crucifer and striped flea beetles. DuPont™ Lumiderm™ can be added as part of the standard seed treatment package - with Helix® Vibrance® – on all D-Series canola hybrids. See Lumiderm™ in action here.

Save big.
Ask your retailer how your purchase of D-Series canola hybrids can unlock BIG savings through the 2017 DuPont™ FarmCare® Connect Grower Program. Visit the FarmCare® Connect page for all the details.