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D-SERIES CANOLA HYBRIDS: What great yields are made of.

For your 2018 crop, the D-Series lineup includes four outstanding Roundup Ready® canola hybrids built on DuPont Pioneer genetics, serviced by DuPont. 

D3156M   Pioneer Protector Sclerotinia Logo

Pioneer® hybrid D3156M with the Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax trait is the choice for growers looking for yield and harvest flexibility. D3156M is a Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola hybrid with built-in resistance to pod shatter, which makes harvest decisions simpler and less risky – straight cut or swath, it’s your decision.

D3155C   Pioneer Protector Sclerotinia Logo

This D-Series hybrid delivers high yield with clubroot resistance all in one package. D3155C protects you against five different races of clubroot (2, 3, 5, 6 and 8). Along with this strong clubroot protection, D3155C is also rated R (Resistant) for blackleg and fusarium wilt.

D3153   RoundUp Ready Logo

This is the kind of hybrid you can build a great canola profit around. D3153 emerges fast, stands tall, harvests easy and yields well. D3153 is a medium-maturity canola hybrid and is rated R (Resistant) for both Blackleg and Fusarium wilt.

D3154S  Pioneer Protector Sclerotinia Logo

Sclerotinia knows not to mess with D3154S or even come near. That’s because D3154S has the Pioneer Protector® sclerotinia resistance trait for built-in protection. As important as this is, D3154S delivers a lot more than a robust sclerotinia defense. You’ll get a strong, balanced agronomic package that includes high yield potential, medium maturity and a Resistant (R) rating to both Blackleg and Fusarium wilt. 

Download D-Series information pieces here:

DSeries Canola 2015 Brochure2015 Yield Sheet 
DSeries Brochure2017 D-Series Detail Sheet